Next up, the Senate Class of 2012

by Bill O'Connell on November 4, 2010

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For those of you who enjoyed the great victory in the House of Representatives but felt a twinge of disappointment of not taking the Senate, do not despair.  It is only 24 more months until we get another cut at the Senate and the good news is that with twenty-one Democrats and two Independents defending their seats, along with ten Republicans, you could almost make a calendar out of it targeting one Democrat or Independent for each month!

Here are the Democrats up in 2012:

  • Daniel Akaka, Hawaii
  • Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico. How’s that border, Senator?
  • Sherrod Brown, Ohio.  Ohio’s looking pretty red these days
  • Joe Manchin, West Virginia. Aw, I just got here.
  • Maria Cantwell, Washington
  • Benjamin Cardin, Maryland
  • Thomas Carper, Delaware. Win one for Christine
  • Robert Casey, Jr., Pennsylvania
  • Kent Conrad, North Dakota
  • Diane Feinstein, California
  • Kirsten Gillibrand, New York. We’re baaack. If we can just keep Al D’Amato from stabbing us in the back we might put up a decent candidate to beat an easy target
  • Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota.  How does Senator Michelle Bachmann sound?
  • Herb Kohl, Wisconsin.  As goes Feingold, so goes Kohl?
  • Claire McCaskill, Missouri
  • Robert Menendez, New Jersey. Chris Christie country may be ready for a change
  • Ben Nelson, Nebraska. Best known for the Cornhusker kickback to buy his vote on ObamaCare
  • Bill Nelson, Florida. Does Marco Rubio have a brother or a sister?
  • Debbie Stabenow, Michigan. Can we trade her for General Motors?
  • Jon Tester, Montana
  • Jim Webb, Virginia.  He may be the last trace of blue in the state
  • Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island

We may not be in the majority, but all we need to do on most legislation is to bring over two, three or four of these folks to pass bills.  They may want to have a whiff of bipartisanship on their resume when they face the voters.

Here are the two independents:

  • Joseph Lieberman, Connecticut.  We love you Joe, but except for Isreal and National Security, you are still rather blue
  • Bernard Sanders, Socialist.  Seriously, a Socialist.  Can we stop saying that the left doesn’t believe in socialism?

Here are the Republican seats we will need to defend:

  • Scott Brown, Massachusetts
  • John Barrasso, Wyoming
  • Bob Corker, Tennessee
  • John Ensign, Nevada
  • Orrin Hatch, Utah
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas
  • Jon Kyl, Arizona
  • Richard Lugar, Indiana
  • Olympia Snowe, Maine.  Is there a Tea Party in Maine.  Can someone give them a wakeup call, please?
  • Roger Wicker, Mississippi

They all look like pretty solid red states and we should be able to hold them.

We’ll see who wants to play ObamaBall and who wants to govern.  It appears that playing ObamaBall cost every Congressman that Rahm Emmanuel recruited from 2004 on is gone.  As Ann Coulter said the other day, think about it, the fresh faces in the Democratic party are Jerry Brown and Harry Reid.

We must pick up right where we left off on election night.  We have great momentum on our side.  Let’s keep it going.

CORRECTION: The Senator up for re-election from Florida is Bill Nelson, not Ben Nelson as originally reported.  7 November 2010

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