Michelle Bachmann Kicks off CPAC

by Bill O'Connell on February 10, 2011

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Michelle Bachmann let off the three day CPAC conference with a keynote address that laid out the case against the current administration and the rule of Nancy Pelosi. Most of the focus of her talk was on raising the alarm on our current financial situation and its urgency.


When the Nancy Pelosi took the Speaker’s gavel in January of 2007, the national debt stood a eight trillion dollars, not a meager sum by any means. To illustrate she pointed out that if a dollar was a second of time, a trillion seconds equates to thirty-two thousand years. It took two hundred and thirty years for the America to accumulate that much debt. In the four years that the Democrats controlled Congress and the two years that President Barack Obama occupied the White House, the debt increased by 75% to fourteen trillion dollars. That is truly astounding.

Much of that debt is being funded by foreign countries including China. She mentioned President Hu Jintao of China being perfectly happy with our borrowing binge, prompting her to ask, “Hu’s your daddy?” She asked who in the crowd was of college age and then addressed her next point to them. If we do not get our financial situation under control, she told them, you will be paying about one-third of your income to cover Social Security. If you add to that your federal income tax you may be rates up to 75% of your income in your peak earning years.

She then called on the assembled to complete the task they started with the major electoral victory this past November with a repeat performance in 2012, to take control of the Senate and the White House.

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