Tim Bishop Votes to Kill Jobs and Have Washington Tell Private Companies Where They Can Locate

by Bill O'Connell on September 16, 2011

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner photo by craezer

Yesterday, the House passed a bill that would prevent the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from telling Boeing, America’s largest exporter, that it couldn’t build a factory in South Carolina, a Right-To-Work state. Boeing built a $750 million factory (with their own money, not yours) and hired 1,500 workers, before the NLRB stepped in and called this union retaliation. But no jobs are being eliminated back in Washington state, in fact, Boeing has added  2,000 jobs.

So why is the federal government telling a private company where it can or cannot locate a factory? It is purely a union play, by a bunch of bureaucrats. Boeing faced a tough strike in 2008 for 58 days. Boeing’s new plane the 787 Dreamliner is way behind schedule, partly due to the strike. Boeing tried to negotiate a ten-year moratorium on strikes by the union. The union refused. So Boeing decided to add capacity in South Carolina. It didn’t shut down operations in Washington state, it didn’t relocate the plants in Washington to South Carolina, and yet the NLRB says it is a retaliatory move because of the 2008 strike. I guess in the bizarro world of the NLRB adding 2,000 jobs in Washington is retaliation.

What is President Obama doing about this? After all it is adding jobs in an economy that desperately needs them and doing so with private money. Obama says the NLRB is an independent board so his hands are tied. Now if you will excuse him, he has to get back to demanding more taxpayer money to create green jobs at a cost of around $600,000 each. Meanwhile, Obama’s jobs adviser, Jeffrey Immelt of GE is shipping jobs off to China to help the Chinese compete with Boeing. What the hell is going on here?

We have Congressman like Tim Bishop fighting to keep an unneeded post office open at taxpayer’s expense, and fighting to stop Boeing from creating jobs with private money in South Carolina. He is joined in this effort by his Congressional neighbor, Steve Israel, from the adjoining district who also happens to head up the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, responsible for giving control of the House of Representatives back to Nancy Pelosi. This is purely a union play. But I’ve got some bad news for the Congressmen. According to a recent Rasmussen poll 48% of Americans no longer see a need for labor unions, while 30% disagree.

The unions threw everything they had at Scott Walker in Wisconsin and lost; they came out in force against Bob Turner in NY-9 and lost; we have Jimmy Hoffa calling the Tea Party folks “sons of bitches” who should be taken out. Taken out? Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like a violent threat, not that the unions are ever violent, but I am probably overreacting. We all know that violence always comes from the Tea Party.

It’s time to clean house people. Jobs are created by private industry, not government. Our president doesn’t understand that. Not only does he not understand that but his appointees at the NLRB are actively working to kill private sector jobs. President Obama for an equivalent time in office, has the second worst job creation record, only surpassed by Herbert Hoover. He and Hoover are the only two presidents since 1890 with negative job growth over their first two and a half years in office. If there are any moving companies that do business between Washington, D.C. and Chicago, you might want to add 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to your mailing list.


That’s my opinion; I’d like to know yours. Please comment below.

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  • Miterite

    I am founder of “We the People Of Today.” As the name suggests, citizens have to take their country back and elect only those who will follow the Consitution. Our government programs must keep their nose out of businesses business. How dare GE, or any other business who fears competition, try to prevent the citizens from having a job. Boeing has just as much right to have a plant in SC, as GE does to move to China. We must wake up and put a stop to this. One ways is to boycott GE. The other, kick out of office all those who do not follow the constitution, ASAP 

    • http://libertyslifeline.com William O’Connell

      You are absolutely right. Getting cozy with government for special favors rather than rolling up your sleeves and taking them on in the free market is, well I think John Stossel said it best, crapitalism.

    • sjwick

      Haeir, a Chinese manufacture of appliance, operates a plant in SC.  Let’s be careful about throwing those words boycott around because someone moved to China. As for Boeing, when the dust settles, Boeing will happily move back to SC or get the union to move to SC, but union trained labor will build Boeing’s planes.

      • http://libertyslifeline.com William O’Connell

        As unions only represent about 7% of the private workforce, you can say what you like, but I wouldn’t wager any money on it.

  • Meagan

    A quick Google search of you shows that you’re just a shill for Randy Altschuler and all you do is write pieces that bash his opponents.  What a pathetic life you must lead.  You couldn’t get the guy elected last time and you won’t this time.

    • http://libertyslifeline.com William O’Connell

      Meagan, thank you for sharing your thoughtful insights. You prove again the vacuous thoughts of Bishop supporters. Ann Coulter, in her new book Demonic, is right. The left is all about slogans and inciting mobs to follow their leaders. No facts, no reasoning, just the politics of personal attacks. If you stumble upon a fact you would like to challenge, please come back.

      • Meagan

        Who said I was a Tim Bishop supporter?
        Once again you are wrong.  You keep making a habit of this.
        You’re wrong so often!

        Check back on your other attacks on Altschuler’s rivals and you’ll find me commenting.
        I didn’t know who you were then, but this is the 2nd piece I’ve seen by you, and my 2nd comment, and after looking you up this time, I can see that all you do is write pieces that attack Altschuler’s opponents. 

        You’re not fooling anyone.
        By the way – I love and know Ann Coulter personally. 
        You have no idea who you’re dealing with.

        • http://libertyslifeline.com William O’Connell

          Do you have a point? I did look you up and you are a Demos supporter. You accuse me of being a “shill” for Randy Altschuler, but you fail to point out anything I have said that is factually inaccurate.

          Did Demos do the honorable thing and support the Republican nominee for Congress in 2010, like he said he would do in his concession call on primary night.? One would think with all the support you say he has, that if he told his supporters that the Republican voters had spoken and we need to rally around our nominee, I would be hard pressed to believe that he couldn’t convince 600 of them to vote for the nominee, or did he pick up his marbles and go home? So how has the last year been with Tim Bishop in office? You say you are not a Bishop supporter, but that is a distinction without a difference.

          Give my regards to Ann, I loved her book.

  • sjwick

    Boeing has not spent any money on its new plant in SC.  The land, plant and surrounding infrastructure was part of the incentive package SC provided to Boeing for expanding the Vought plant they acquired. If the NLRB is successful, Boeing will be allowed to move back to Seattle and not owe the state of SC a dime in clawbacks because failure to operate the plan was due to a government regulation that interfered with their ability to do business….one of the few reasons a company does not have to repay incentives to states when they do not live up to their promises. Why do you think Boeings suppliers have not followed to SC.  They see that Boeing may use the ruling to move back to Seattle having gotten the leverage from the deal.  SC, who is controlled by Republicans, never saw it coming. Many people say it is unlikely that the NRLB would force Boeing to move but I think Boeing will use the ruling to return.  It’s the workforce, SC is going to pay for initial training but without a union who will pay for continued training of future workers.  You see, there are some perks to unions that companies have that they don’t think about until they are gone.

    • http://libertyslifeline.com William O’Connell

      Okay, let me see if I have this straight. Boeing just goes through the motions of moving to South Carolina. You say it cost them nothing to do so, but they built a $750 million plant in addition to the Vought plant they acquired, which was already building the rear fuselage under contract to Boeing. You say, if the NLRB is successful, Boeing will be “allowed” to move back to Seattle. They are not being allowed, they are being told that is what they must do. The NLRB said they cannot move out of Washington, because it is retaliation, even though they are hiring more people in Seattle as well as South Carolina.

      “Why do you think Boeing suppliers have not followed to SC?” Vought was a Boeing supplier. Then you go on to say that “Boeing may use the ruling to move back to Seattle having gotten the leverage from the deal.” What leverage? What does Boeing gain by being forced by the government to move back to Washington?

      Do you think that unions are the only organizations that provide training in America? Who do you think trained all of the workers in the Toyota, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, etc. car plants throughout the south?

      Where in the Constitution does Washington have the right to tell any private company where it can locate its facilities?

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