Another Economically Clueless NY Politician – Kirsten Gillibrand

by Bill O'Connell on June 18, 2012

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Kirsten Gillibrand is running for re-election to the United States Senate from New York. Like Tim Bishop and Chuck Schumer, she displays the economic ignorance that got us into this current mess.

As a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee she is fighting to restore some cuts to the food stamp program, the program that has ballooned by 45% since President Obama has taken office. The anticipated fiscal year 2012 spending on Food Stamps is $85.2 billion, up from $37.7 billion in 2008. The proposed cuts that Senator Gillibrand is fighting amounts to $4.5 billion over ten years! That’s a mere $450 million per year, after jacking up the spending by $47.8 billion per year. She defends this with the following stunning statement.

But families who are living in poverty, who are just trying to figure out how to keep the lights on and put food on the table, they did not spend this nation into debt, and we should not be trying to balance the budget on their backs. 

No, people living in poverty did not spend this nation into debt Senator, you did, and if your speech is not accompanied with an apology and your resignation, it is nothing but political pandering.

Living in Poverty

What does living in poverty really mean in America? How is poverty measured? Poverty in America is measured by a standard of income needed to pay for basic food, clothing, and shelter and comparing it to a family’s current income. The key word is income. If Warren Buffett sold all his investments and replaced them by buying gold bullion, which doesn’t produce an income, he would be considered as living in poverty. Huh? Yes, Warren can be sitting on $34 billion in gold, but if he doesn’t have an income, despite more buying power than King Midas, our federal government would count him among the poor. Think about that the next time you hear the grim poverty statistics. Here are some other things to consider:

  • 81.4% of poor households have a microwave compared to 87.9% of all U.S. households
  • 70.6% have at least one VCR compared to 79.2% of all households
  • 65.1% have more than one television set compared to 77.8% of all households
  • 29.3% have a video game system compared to 31.3% of all households


These are not huge gaps here and yet Senator Gillibrand makes it sound like increasing spending on foods stamps by only $47.35 billion instead of $47.8 billion is somehow economic Armageddon. And that, my friends, is why we need to find and retire politicians like Kirsten Gillibrand. She, President Obama, Congressman Tim Bishop, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Harry Reid, and a host of others got us into this mess and we need to get them out of our government.


That’s my opinion; I’d like to know yours. Please comment below.

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  • EK

    Gillibrand has disappointed many since her election.  She has, in my opinion, caved
    into the “nanny state” entitlement  programs and has not helped NYS with the illegal
    immigration problems and our deficit.  It’s time for a change!   

  • Kevin

    Caved? I would say she lived up to those positions. She’s a Democrat.

    But why listen to me? I am just a selfish racist.

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