Kirsten Gillibrand: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

by Bill O'Connell on October 1, 2012

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Senator Gillibrand, Wendy Long would like to talk to you. Actually, she wants to debate you across the state. Why are you hiding?

New York’s a big state. It has a diverse population with a wide range of interests. You have agreed to one debate with Wendy Long, in one upstate city, far from most of the citizens in the state. Wendy Long, on the other hand, has agreed to six debates including one on Long Island.

I know that you are busy raising gobs of money and cementing your power base, but why not let New Yorkers know who the real Kirsten Gillibrand is. Are you the blue dog moderate Democrat that you were as a Congresswoman, with an “A” rating from the NRA and your guns under your bed? Or are you the new Senator Gillibrand rated “F” by the NRA? Are you the fiscal conservative Congresswoman Gillibrand who voted in 2001 to retire half the public debt by 2006, or the reckless spending Senator Gillibrand who voted for the stimulus,  “Cash for Clunkers”, and the bailout of GM and Chrysler?

Do you see why we may be a little confused? So why don’t you help us out. Debate Wendy Long in venues across the state so we know what your positions are now. Call it the tie breaker. We knew you as a moderate; we know you became a far left liberal; what can we look forward to now?

Thank you.


That’s my opinion; I’d like to know yours; Please comment below.

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  • GemmaStar

    This is a terrific piece. Just terrific.
    There is a really important reason Gillibrand isn’t debating Long: She doesn’t have to AND it she knows it would only give Long publicity if she were to do so.

  • Buttercup

    Kiki G is a lying coward and dumb as a brick. Debating with Wendy Long will only highlight these facts.

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