The Blissful Ignorance of the Gun Control Crowd

by Bill O'Connell on January 20, 2013

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Beslan Memorial

We have to make those icky, scary guns illegal. But progressives know that is a bridge too far. So let’s just chip away at it a little at a time. Cap the size of gun magazines at a maximum of ten bullets, then we’ll follow New York’s lead and make it seven. When the next mass shooting happens, and it will because none of these laws do a damn thing to curtail the real problem, they’ll pass laws to make it five, then three, then one. The murder rate will climb, and then the terrorists and Al-Qaeda will smile and say America is now ripe for attack.

They will say that because they will see the burden has shifted. The burden has shifted from the vision of the Founders of Minutemen who could respond, at a minute’s notice, to fight for their country, to the police and military who are simply too few and rarely there at the scene when the shooting starts.


It happened in another country, at a place called Beslan. At Beslan in Russia, terrorists attacked a school and over three hundred children, mothers, and fathers ended up dead. Many of the women and children were systematically raped over a three-day period. Some of the larger boys were conscripted into work details to do the terrorists bidding before they were executed and thrown out a second floor window. How did that happen?

The people in Russia are conditioned to leave such matters to the police and the military to respond. On the first day of the school year, which is a national day of celebration in Russia, there was one uniformed policeman on hand and he was the first one the terrorists shot in the back of the head. The police, once off-duty, are not trusted to carry their guns in Russia as they are in America and Israel. At that point the terrorists had one thousand sheep at their disposal. They herded them into the gym and three days of hell began.

Experts who have studied Beslan, believe this was practice; a dress rehearsal. The real deal would be America. At the end of the crisis, about twelve of the terrorists escaped. It is further believed that these twelve, battle hardened with this experience would be the leaders of such a future attack. So what are our great progressive politicians doing? Playing right into their hands.

Terrorists and their Co-conspirators

What frightens terrorists most is failure. What encourages them most is a high body count. The more gruesome corpses, the more terror. At Beslan when they herded the women and children into the gym, it would have been relatively simple to run out the back door and escape. The terrorists planned for that and had a guard on each of the three doors. If this were tried in a place like Texas, where out of a thousand crowded into a gym there would be dozens with concealed carry permits, taking out those three solitary guards would not have been very hard to do. However, our progressive leaders have made sure all of those concealed carry permit holders left their weapons tightly locked in their homes before they got within 1000 feet of the school lest they be in violation of federal law declaring schools “Gun-free zones.” Free of law-abiding citizens guns, that is, terrorists and Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut pay no mind to such laws.

To plan an attack on America, terrorists will closely follow the work of their unwitting advance men, the progressives. What terrorists instinctively fear is concealed carry. They don’t want to look at a crowd and wonder who may be armed and who is not. Ironically, concealed carry laws protect people who hate guns and would have nothing to do with them. The bad guys, where concealed carry is allowed, can’t tell if you are carrying a gun, or hate guns, unless you tip them off.

So what would be places to target with the greatest likelihood of success? As of today, New York. Better yet, make that one year from today when the more onerous conditions of the new law take place. New York City would provide a target rich environment. It is nearly impossible for the average citizen to obtain a concealed carry permit in New York City. The new law will require that all “assault weapons” be registered. A maximum of seven bullets in a gun would be permitted, if you are lucky enough to be able to own or carry a gun. Gun-free school zones and progressives mocking the NRA’s suggestion to put armed guards in schools round out the picture. Rest assured, though, that the schools attended by the children of our elite progressive politicians will be protected like Fort Knox. It is just the average New Yorker’s children that will be expendable in the name of progress.

And when disaster strikes, what will the progressives say? They will say what they always say, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t big enough, we didn’t spend enough, we didn’t do enough. When the stimulus was a failure, what was the reason? It should have been twice as big. Progressives are never held accountable for their failures. We must bear the burden of their failures. We are bearing unspeakable debt, our freedoms are under attack from every quarter, and now we are greatly at risk of attacks on our children. This is progress? I think not. Their progressive intentions are paving the road to perdition.


That’s my opinion; I’d like to know yours. Please comment below.


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  • LD Jackson

    I have been preaching this very thing at my own blog. Some proponents of stricter gun control laws have been trying to point out that we have to do something to prevent shootings like the one in Newtown. When I point out that the proposed bans will do absolutely nothing but restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens, they again say we have to do something. When I point out that this is a slippery slope and would only open the door to even stricter gun control laws, they laugh me to scorn.

    The trouble is with this scenario is simple. The words you have typed are so true. Once another shooting takes place, they will raise their voices in a cry to enact more gun laws because the first laws didn’t do the trick. Again, that is a very dangerous and slippery slope to be on.

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