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Public Sector Unions: Right or Wrong?

by Bill O'Connell on February 23, 2011

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To hear the progressives talk about the public sector unions in Wisconsin and other locales you would think collective bargaining was enshrined in the Bill of Rights. We have a right to bargain collectively. The unions are fighting for their rights. The Bill of Rights was won through the fighting of a bloody revolution. The right for all citizens to vote was won through the passage of an amendment to the Constitution. So, naturally, the right of public sector unions was won through a similar groundswell of popular support, right? No. Actually it was started by one man, fighting for his political life, in the shadow of Tammany Hall.

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The Progressive Assault on the Electoral College

by Bill O'Connell on December 10, 2010

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Comments submitted in response to a previous post, “The Progressive War on Federalism,” focused on the Electoral College and a movement called the National Popular Vote ( bill.  Rather than argue against my point it only seemed to reinforce it.  The objective of this movement, which before this commenter’s contribution I was unaware of, is to abolish, or should I say neuter, the Electoral College and replace it with the direct election of the president.  This movement looks to further weaken the states and move us away from federalism and toward a strong monolithic central government.  Here is my analysis.

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Next up, the Senate Class of 2012

by Bill O'Connell on November 4, 2010

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For those of you who enjoyed the great victory in the House of Representatives but felt a twinge of disappointment of not taking the Senate, do not despair.  It is only 24 more months until we get another cut at the Senate and the good news is that with twenty-one Democrats and two Independents defending their seats, along with ten Republicans, you could almost make a calendar out of it targeting one Democrat or Independent for each month!

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